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PLEASE ONLY SELECT ONE TICKET. Claiming more than one will not reserve you any more spots, we are limited to only 40 tickets as it is being hosted at a private residence just outside of London, Ontario. A guest list will be made from the claimed tickets here on this site only. The address will be revealed on the digital ticket once it is claimed.


In the making since 2020, Red Alert is HZRD’s first full length skate film. Inspired by atomic and civil defence era imagery, Red Alert is here to showcase the culture of skateboarding and its strength even while the world is set a blaze by the likes of a pandemic, international war, global climate crisis, and economic collapse. Through it all, we stick together with skateboarding.


Premiere date is June 22nd, 2024. Join us at 6:30pm for a skate sesh in the city's best mini ramp. Red Alert will begin playing at 9pm. Please bring a chair and any “beverages” or “recreational substances” you please as literally none of that will be provided. Parking is extremely limited so plan accordingly and carpool with your friends or you’ll end up parking on the side of a residential country road. After party is at El Furniture Warehouse London 11pm - late. We do not condone the actions of driving under the influence. Please be responsible and give skateboarding a good name.

Red Alert Premiere Ticket

Excluding GST/HST
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